Friday, July 27, 2007

Comic Con Update - Orchid Video...

UPDATE - ABC have released a much higher quality version of the video, which I've replaced the old embedded vid with. Note that in this version the swear word has been removed.

Hey all, further to the revelations received by the intrepid Tapdawg, DarkUFO has also posted information about the mysterious "Orchid Video" that played at the end of the Q&A session with the Lost writers. What's more... he caught it on film!!! There is a swear in the video though so be warned, just covering my bases with Lostpedia being a family site and all.

Weird I think is the generic Lost adjective to be applied in this instance. Obviously there's the parody aspect, but is there underlying grains of truth? Is there really a fake botanical station named the Orchid knocking about where they cloned bunnies? Did my second question just answer the first?
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