Sunday, March 25, 2007

Theorising Responses

Last Sunday I went on a royal rant about some of the focus possibilities for Lost Season 4. Since then, I've had a couple of comments, particularly about other possible focuses, and I wanted to have a stab at trying to explain how they could link in with Island history. Unlike DHARMA and the Others, however, this area is MUCH more hazey, and can easily get philosophical. I'll try to avoid that...

First point of call is the Monster, which let's be honest much be the Cerberus System. Obviously related to DHARMA somehow, as it was noted on the Blast Door Map as a security feature that malfunctioned. My guess is that it played part of the purge, and so was used by DHARMA to kick Hostile butt. However, I think from the blast door that "the incident" made it malfunction. Assuming the incident is a leak of electromagnetism, similar to the Swan discharge thing, then it could have fried electrical functioning of the Cerberus machine. Consequently, its on the rampage out of control. Its a simplistic view on why it attacks some, not others, others the second time it sees them - it could just simply be a computer program which occassionally crashes, and reverts to kill mode. Why was the Monster made though? Well, if the Others had sickness power (as mentioned in my last blog), an electronic security system could engage them without fear of bio warfare???

Second and lastly, how does the statue fit into all this? The producers say it predates DHARMA, and from the latest ep its obviously some Others were recruited after they nicked the sub, some of them were there before DHARMA. I'm now as a result leaning on the idea that the original Others group built the statue. Some kind of advanced race? Who knows, but I think they probably enjoyed the Island healing superpowers and electromagnetic properties before DHARMA arrived. But was the statue a Rhodes sort of deal? I really have no theory there, but what I think is interesting is that it might not be a human foot - da da dahhhh! Maybe its supposed to be the Island? I mean dead Yemi appeared to Eko, maybe someone appeared to the Hostiles pre-DHARMA, so they made a statue in its image. I dunno if the Island would appear as a sandal though.

Anyway, I expect Marik will blog on the latest killer episode soon, typically I take two eps and then the one I lose is an immense rollercoaster of events.

N.B. I just got a message from Marik, and unfortunately busy schedules mean he's unavailable. So sit tight, looks like I get to add my thoughts on this week's ep after all.
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