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Episode Blog - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Well, after watching this episode, it was a doozy. I greatly enjoyed the episode, as it was a break from the hard-charging, fast paced, LOST that we all know and love. It helped us with dealing from the heart-break that we felt over the past few weeks, such as Jack being left behind (although, for most of you, that was a relief ;)) and the saga that is Sawyer and Kate and Alex and Karl. The episode at several places made me laugh out loud, and at some places made me want to start a slow clap. There was a flurry of new Sawyer nicknames, which we all enjoy. And of course, it was a Hurley flashback, which always provides us with comic relief that is the great teddy bear Hurley. With that said, on with the review...

First off, lets go with the flashback. We finally met Hurley's father (which, since reading Lostpedia every day, I knew that it was Cheech). First off, I believed that he was a good father to his kid. He helped him with the car! But then, just like all of the other fathers (Christian and Wayne, case in point), he does something that screws his kid over. "I've gotta go to Vegas". (the Holy Grail to gambling, hookers, and booze) We can only imagine what he was doing there. Work. Riiiiiiiight... And he gave little Hurley a candy bar (A Glacier bar, not Apollo, for those who missed it), only paving the way to what we know now as Hurley. On a side not, young Hurley's 'fro was beautifully done. Just throwing that out there. In the next flashback, we finally learn what happened to Mr. Cluck's. After Hurley bought out, the whole place imploded. Tricia Tanaka (An undubious reference to Tricia Takanawa of Family Guy) was imploded by the meteor, hence the title. I thought that he CGI guys did a great job at the point of impact. We all knew that the meteor was fake, but hey, it looked decent. Of course Lostpedia has the great screencaps of the strike. Since I am such a sick person, I laughed when Ms. Tanaka met her untimely demise. I didn't like her. She was mean to Hurley. Well, after that, David came back in to Hurley's life. Like we all didn't know that from the start that he was there for the money. As my homie Kanye West would say, "He's a gold digga!" hen came maybe the best lines in Lost history: "It's been 17 years. I have needs. NO NO NO NO NO!" I laughed so hard at that part. Even more than when Tanaka died. Adam Horowitz is a brilliant writer (which is why he got his multi-million dollar contract). The next scene was even greater. Just the opening banter between Hurley and David Reyes was great. "Your mom's a very... passionate woman. That's disgusting." The psychic scene was better. The way she predicted all of Hurley's misfortunes, we all knew she wasn't for real (just like Richard Malkin). Then she asks Hurley to take off his clothes. (Come on ladies, I know that all of you were just dying to see Hurley naked!) Then came the lol moment: "I'll give you $1,000 right now if you admit that my dad told you say this. The mystic arts are not subject to bribes. How dare you-- '$10,000.' Your dad put me up to it." Pure genius. But then again, when is anything ever written by Adam Horowitz not? ;) The final flashback came right before Hurley was getting ready to go to Australia. Ol' Papa Bear tried to talk him in to giving the money away, but Hurley wanted to find Sam Toomey. He wanted to find him and ask him. As we know, this was not a good decision. He should have stayed and been in LA. But, this is Lost, and that wouldn't happen. So, he got stuck on the Island. Bad choice.

Now, moving on to the main island. The first scene on-island was beautifully crafted. Hugo, talking to his beloved Libby's grave. This was an amazing scene. We genuinely felt Hurley's sadness about all that had happened. He truly misses Libby. And I felt bad for him. It was a great scene overall. But then moping Charlie has to ruin all of the fun. He's really sad, because he is going to die. We all are, Charlie. Get over it. But we aren't all going to die on a deserted island where nobody knows where you are. Once again, as my arch-nemesis Justin Timberlake would say, "Cry me a river." Do it, Charlie! Do it! But then Hurley cheers things up for Charlie. "This is the [part where you say that he is a nutter..." but then Hurley says "I think he's right." Thank you! Confirmation that Charlie will die! Thank yooooou! On another side note, where did the cut on Charlie's chin go? Chalk one up for the bloopers page. And what happened next? Vincent! Vincent finally showed up again! And that's why, kids, we never trust special features on the Season 2 DVD. They are DEUTEROCANON. There is a arm and key in the dog's mouth. Hurley goes on a goose chase (or rather, a dog chase. I crack myself up) thru the jungle. No offense but I was surprised that Hurley could keep up with the dog. Eventually, Vincent leads him to the mystery of the night: the DHARMA van. What the hell is a van doing on an island?! It doesn't make sense! And then happy-go-lucky-good-time-Hurley asks for some help with the van, and what does he get? Nothing. People are pricks. And then Paulo has to be "super-prick" (doo doo doo doo! Super-prick to ruin the entire show!). "I have to get some bananas." OK dude. Go flirt with someone with your stubble. And then he pulls Nikki back by her shorts. Come on man, that's lame. Someone kill him! Por favor! And then Hurley is stuck with Jin. That's an interesting combo... OK, time to get on with the Skate drama. Blah, blah, blah, Little House, blah, blah, blah, we're back. Yay. You know what I call Skate? Stupid subplot that is only there to satisfy "The Notebook" watchers. Or an easier term: crap. I refuse to cover this. And then they come back. Hooray. Everyone is happy. And then Sawyer has to be great with his snappy comebacks. Yay snappy comebacks. I like how he specifically mentions "porno" as something in his stash. Perv. But then, Sawyer finally comes to fix the van. Or, drink beer. I think that that was the entire point. And then we meet gold ol' Roger. Skeletor was wasted. He was on a beer run. I believe that MADD will see this as a point on to why not to drink and drive. And then Kate STILL feels guilty about leaving Jack. The man's got it good now. He gets free food, a lodging, and a hot chick who is actuallly interested in him! He likes it. He just won't admit it. Then the resident genius Hurley gets an idea. And it involves Charlie almost dying! Any mission that involves the words "Charlie" and "die" is good enough for me. They are going to push the van down the hill, to "make their own luck" and "to look Death in the face and say 'Whatever, man'". And the plan almost works. Charlie actually almost dies! Close, but no cigar. I almost cried at the end of the episode. Not because it was a sad ending, but because Charlie didn't die. But when the clutch popped and the 8-track started playing, I started a slow clap. It was a good moment. And then everyone piles in the van, a la "That 70's Show." And everyone was giggling like a little schoolgirl in the van. And then: blah, blah, blah, save Jack, blah, blah, blah, need someone's help. Locke and Sayid apparently got their feelings hurt when Kate didn't ask them to help. So they stalked her. What's with it with people and stalking Kate? And BTW, why didn't the forest burn? Sayid dropped his torch. In my science class, fire + grass= big, big fire. But the end was really cool. Seeing Danielle again chilled my blood. It was great to see her again, and to see how the whole "Save Jack" drama unfolds.

Summary: Sawyer and Kate return to the main island. Whoo. But the real gem of the episode was Hurley. His flashbacks and his humor enlightened the entire episode. And in my opinion, so far, this was the best episode of Season 3 yet. But that is just my humble opinion. And "Shambala" is now my favorite song.

Can't wait to see you guys in the Lostpedia IRC channel, and to challenge you guys in trivia. Until next time, guys, "make your own luck." Later!
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