Friday, March 02, 2007

Lostpedia mentioned in Rolling Stone

There is a brief article in this week's Rolling Stone about Lost fan forums, and the influence of Lostpedia.

Launched September 22nd, 2005 ("One year to the day since the mysterious crash and disappearance of Oceanic Airlines flight 815 somewhere in the South Pacific.")

This sprawling wiki is the best example of how an online community can compliment a series. Kevin Croy created the site as a way to track Lost's numerous clues and characters. "When [viewers] discover a label on a bottle, or find a subtle reference to a famous scientist," says Croy, "they want to talk about it with other fans." Today, almost 10,000 volunteers edit roughly 2,500 entries on everything from the Dharma Initiative's orientation films to the lockdown procedure of the hatch. And that's just the English-language site - Lostpedia has seven international editions.

The "Mysterious Happenings" section chronicles every polar-bear appearance and supply drop on the island.

Lost-TV (, 4815162342 (, Lost Hatch (
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