Sunday, March 25, 2007

Episode Blog - The Man from Tallahassee

Aha another episode blog - I've blogged wayyy too much this week, next week I'll definitely let someone else take over. So, diving right in, and what an odd episode, the ending of which just blows ya mind...

So, as is often the case, let's gloss over flashbacks quickly, and the story of Locke and his chair. Not really a revelation episode, more just a little bit of predictable narrative, but still a very well-written arc. Locke is in depression after Helen left him (by the way a very good opening reveal there that he's not in the chair yet - one of the best this Season IMO). The only thing I wanna raise here is issues about Cooper's room being higher than eight storeys, which in my eyes is classed as goof, not some conspiracy.

To the good stuff, and let's start with Rousseau and fan fave, Alex. So apparently she believes her mother to be dead - does she know her mother to be Danielle though? And does she think Danielle died from the sickness? Does Ben even think she's dead, you never know! Also Alex apparently hates Ben cause he manipulates people. This I'm guessing stems from him disapproving of her relationship with Karl, but also could be generally him manipulating her into staying at the Barracks etc when she may want to leave, and so in rebellion she could have helped Claire escape, etc (she may also hate Ben's approach to kidnapping, particularly with Claire and Aaron).

Moving onto Kate and Jack, I first have to point out one insignificant scene which I, once a Media Studies student, very much liked. The bit with Kate creeping up to the suburban house with her rifle, the clothes line buffing the shot in the foreground - very clever, and how the whole Barracks imitates flashback and its contrast to other Island locations - wow I'm such a movie nerd commenting on camera movements.... Anywayz, I found Kate and Jack's later conversation interesting. It seemed like Jack knew other things about the Others, but like Mikhail he seemed to almost say that Kate couldn't understand the ideology for some reason (even though he himself wasn't on "the list" of peeps who could understand). I got the impression that Jack had to kind of change his story, putting it into a context Kate could possibly comprehend - i.e. they'll let me leave the Island. Which makes me think - what else does Jack know? Also a minor point, why is Tom so mr friendly with Jack, as well as Kate. I felt some tension there when he said "I didn't expect to see you again so soon, Kate". What does he mean by that?! And why is he trying to be their pal all of a sudden?

Now to the main section - Ben and Locke. Ben was willing to let the sub go to keep Jack (probably to help fix him), as well as Juliet too (possibly some old flame issues there?). Anyway, what got me thinking was Ben's genuine excitement (well as genuine as acting goes) about his paralysis. It made me think, maybe Ben is a scientist after all, he knows a lot about the Island, he studies it, but he still doesn't necessarily understand WHY or HOW it heals, only studying its effects. Then I thought, does being born on the Island have some affect? Maybe that's why Ben took Alex, also born there, and why Alex helped Claire as Aaron would have been Ben's new pet project. But then what does Island natural have to do with anything?

The one thing that annoyed me was Locke, as per usual, talking about how him and the Island are like that. It is irritating when he's been there for two minutes and seems to be giving lectures on the subject, even if he's got a connection with it like Ben says. Now to that ending, and oh look Mr. Excess Eyeliner makes his reappearance as Ben's right hand man. And then Mr Cooper - is it the real deal, or a Yemi thing? If it is real, did they get him pre-crash for some other reason, or before the Swan implosion did Ben order his capture by submarine? And if thats the case, why are they so interesting in messing with Locke's head?

Please tell me he didn't come out of a literal box!
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