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Episode Blog - The Cost of Living

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoyed the episode. I did an analysis for my own userpage blog not knowing that it'd end up on here, but I hope y'all like my extensive level of analysis:

I saw the episode last night and let me tell you, what a nice way to end an otherwise horrible day. Not that the day was bad, merely cause I did college, work and sport and had no proper food all day and so by the time I got home at like 11pm I felt like throwing up (nice imagery there). So anyway, I got myself some hot chocolate and had some grapes (not a good combo I might add) and sat down to watch the show. And what an episode it was! Fantastic minus more weird supernatural dream scenes - though even them now are making a little more sense which made me feel a lot better about my anxieties that the thin supernatural ice Lost is shaking was starting to crack. Anyway after such a good ep I skimmed through it again doing my blog notes, before retiring from exhaustion. So here I am on this Friday afternoon ready for an epic rant...I mean review.

As so much happened this week I'm just gonna skip Eko's flashbacks, which again I feel is secondary narrative this Season and is hardly that necessary to the character arcs anymore - but hey not to put a downer on an episode which featured great Monster time. Anyway, first point of call is Colleen's funeral where Jack and the Others are wearing their new agey robes. This got me thinking, new agey, DHARMA is new agey! You know it makes sense peeps... Anyway I found the scene very enjoyable as we actually see Ben crack for once, I know he's a clever guy who deceived everyone when he was captured, but I defy you to suggest his fear at Jack's words was him acting again. That man was genuinely scared without a doubt. It definitely showed though why they took Jack, but again just made me think "huh, this still doesn't explain why they didn't take him, Kate and Sawyer when they went after Michael and got cornered". I brushed this off with "maybe Ben didn't know til later", but as I'll mention in a few, this rationale would also be shattered.

Now to Eko wandering off, when I heard that New York cab printer noise I jumped for joy - the Monster!!! Always cool to see it, one of my more favourite mysteries along with the Rousseau saga and DHARMA stations. I'll discuss this further in a few. So back at the camp, Nikki and Paulo are conveniently invited along on John's mission. I found the staging of this quite funny as John proclaims "no, anyone is welcome" but the only new people he actually says this to is those two, uncanny. Also in this scene it became pretty obvious that Nikki and Paulo are "mixin' it" (as someone at college called it today). Side note, how convenient Desmond suddenly says "oh the computer can also communicate with other ones, even though the guy in the Orientation film said do nothing other than number pressing". I think this whole scene was just a poor string tier...

Now back to Eko again, and I'm trying to understand by note here where I wrote simply "Harry Potter moment". What do I mean? Ah yes, the monster's reflection in the water, very Basilisk (god I'm sad). Anyway next is Juliet and the cheeseburger, always handy to find a girl who can make you it from scratch by killing a cow (I thought that line was a nice touch...). God I'm craving a cheeseburger now. Anyway, to the bit I mentioned before! I figured they didn't take Jack earlier when they had the chance cause they didn't know Ben was dying, but then he said he found out two days before Flight 815 crashed, so that flew out my theory. Why didn't they take him before then, eh? Well the only thing I have left now might be that they didn't get Jack's "This is Your Life" file until much later, so Ben and the Others didn't actually know he was a surgeon until like just after they took Michael - which is the only solution right now I can muster that makes sense let me tell you! Still doesn't explain Kate or Sawyer though apart from possible leverage.

Again to Eko, who now meets up with Yemi, or is it... *twilight zone music*. But, I liked that its not Yemi, meaning Lost might explain the island visions! Meaning they might come up with a plausible explanation!!!! Hoorah! Just realised now though, minus the horse, those visions seem to want to kill people. I mean didn't Jack almost fall off a cliff chasing Christian, or am I conflicting episodes? And didn't Dave try to get Hurley to kill himself? And didn't Yemi look a bit peeved that Eko wouldn't like offer his life before him, not to mention possibly set the tent at the beginning of the episode on fire? Evil spirits... But, is he the Monster? His eyes to me looked black, much darker than Eko's but of course doesn't mean they aren't just very dark brown - but they did seem a really off colour. Maybe thats just me... Anyway, we then see Eko get wasted by the Monster (props to the Lostpedia editor who added it throws him about in a Cross direction - I didn't notice that one). At any rate, I'm assuming thats how the Pilot dided huh.

Now have to mention the Pearl action. Loved that they went back there!!! DHARMA stations are always so much fun to the storyline. And I have to say I felt like Locke when Nikki points out that he says "stationS" as in plural - as I remember arguing with someone that they monitored only the Swan and they said "no it'll look at other ones too". So yeah, me ashamed... But how cool was that feed. I'm gonna take the educated guess and say its the Flame station, as I know we might see it this Season from what I've been hearing. It looked a lot like the Swan though didn't it. And who is that guy? Radzinsky? At any rate he didn't look too happy. A few points I must raise here though. One is that I enjoyed reading a Lostpedia argument about how did Nikki know there are six DHARMA stations. Whilst its interesting to think Nikki might be DHARMA, lets note that at the start of the Pearl video it says "5 of 6" lol. Second, people are saying how did patch man know about the camera being on. Err maybe because it panned? Or maybe a red light came on? Third, he was wearing a DHARMA suit and probably owns the glass eye Libby found in the Arrow. This guy probably knows all the stations, and so I'm sure will reveal some huge revelations toward the end of the Season. Fourth, when Kate read notes from the capsule dump, maybe it wasn't from observations of the Swan, if so then the Flame has a ping pong table :-)

OK last bit now (thank god, I had hoped for this blog to be brief), Juliet and her video! Now I'm one to at times take things on Lost at face value contray to everyone else and just say "hey just stop questioning if someone is lying or not for once" (you know who you are LHorse and your P is not RB hehe), and this instance is one of these times. Juliet is good in my opinion, cause I really can't trust Ben and his evil schemes. Juliet wants Ben gone so she can turn the Others away from whatever path Ben has put them on (the facade and kidnapping I'd assume). While it could be another lie, I think on weighing it up Juliet is better than Ben, though crazier too in fairness. Now, lastly, to mention Eko again. He died! Damn and here I was hoping we'd never have to deal with another tedious Charlie flashback ever again! Oh well, I'm gonna miss his cool "Hello John" voice. I leave you with the final thought: As one plucky Lostpedian noted, when John recites "we're next", does he mean the proverbial we, or did Eko mean "YOU'RE next". Consider this until next time...
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