Thursday, November 16, 2006

Font size mayhem

I know lots of users have been flagging up problems when viewing pages, mainly cause I too have had this problem. Right now, the best we can make of it is that:

1) It only affects Internet Explorer, so Firefox and Mozilla (or however you spell it hehe) should be fine.

2) Its possibly the result of Microsoft's new Windows Update patch. Whilst the problem is only on Lostpedia, it is possibly due to our MediaWiki not being the most current. With a small upgrade, the problem should hopefully go away.

3) The new theory tabs we think have nothing to do with the problem, as the issue occurred about 2 days after it was introduced.

Luckily this is happening off-season rather than in the middle of Lost episodes, and hopefully the problem will be gone by next week. In the meantime, try using Crtl+the mouse scroller to change your on-screen font size if necessary. We're on the case!
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