Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Trouble with Theories

For a while now, we've been having a few issues with the hugely popular theory sections of the website. And during the Season 3 hiatus, we are proposing we do something about it.

Whilst we all love the Lost theories, and realise its what keeps Lost interesting and fresh, a lot of the content has been rather speculative, without any real evidence to back it up. We ask for evidence to back the theories from all of you, but some people don't seem to either listen, or understand what we are asking. We end up with a lot of theories that sound bold, but seemingly are plucked out of thin air without any evidence to back them. (I am using the names Bob and Bobette just for clarity of reading, they aren't new characters that I'm privvy to!):
  • *Insert name of tricky situation* is a mind-game by the Others to trick the Flight 815 survivors.
  • Bob is lying when he says *claim a Flight 815 survivor has made*.
  • Bob is really Bobette.
  • Bob is "Him"

Because of these, Lostpedia has at times been criticised, sometimes fairly and sometimes not, of promoting what certain websites like to call "fancruft". We realise the show Lost thrives off of the fan theories and speculation and we are never, ever going to remove it from the site. Its far too worthwhile, but we need to have some way of controlling this and making it manageable for everyone. We've tried asking for any speculation to be placed on the Talk page, and while we move any that makes it to the front page, its a job that cannot be kept up with.

So we're considering moving the theories onto their own subpages, and are thinking of leaving speculation and theories mixed in together. Each character or group would then have its own theory subpage. However we need your suggestions and votes on this. Please visit the theory policy talk page and have a read of the discussion, and take part in the straw poll. We'll then take your suggestions to the SysOp Forum, where it will be decided what path of action to take from there. Let us know what you think.

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