Monday, October 30, 2006

OGD - An Introduction

Hey and welcome to the Lostpedia blog!!! My name’s Nick, and I’m a SysOp on the site, and am very excited to get to do the first proper post – an honour which I completely just awarded myself and so have probably annoyed everyone else. Of course I won’t be the only contributor by any means though! Other SysOps will be doing posts as they see fit, and so we’ll probably have fights I foresee every week over who gets to do the episode blog!

So lemme just tell you all what this is all about. The Lostpedia blog is basically stage one in what I like to call Operation Global Domination (hereby known as OGD)… Me and a couple of others have been discussing for ages about expanding the community, and so we hope the blog can act as a kind of entertaining episode review thing, as well as a "what’s going on in the wiki world of Lostpedia" sort of deal. We’re also kind of looking towards doing a possible Lostpedia Podcast, which would be absolutely amazing, but right now its still a pipe dream. However, its something I know I’d really like to set up for everyone to enjoy, so hopefully maybe next year when Lost returns we might have something for everyone’s Ipods. As well as this, we’re also trying to get some other stuff active, but a lot of it is still kind of up in the air or not confirmed enough to really justify me hinting at things we might possibly set up – only time will tell. That said, we should hopefully also have a Community Portal up in the next few days, which is something I know loads of users have talked about on the IRC Lostpedia Chat. This is going to include a lot of links mostly, but will also have a new feature called "Article Attack", which will be our polar opposite of the article of the week. You’ll soon figure out how it works, but the idea is it will be a weekly competition to see who can sort out a nominated article the best. As regards to other projects, if anything gets the green-light, you’ll all hear about it straightaway.

Anyway, the blog format is basically gonna be a weekly review of episodes, but hopefully in between that we can blog about other Lost news as well as Lostpedia stuff. Right now we’re kinda just doing it on the fly I must admit, but soon hopefully we’ll have something a little more solid… and also maybe some kind of thing involving schedules, which could even make this a kind of blog network, with a different blogger each day doing their segments? Again, I just made up that idea, showing how thought out OGD actually is!

Lost is airing on Wednesday so we should be coming up with the first ever episode review sometime on Thursday, which I promise will be more entertaining than this semi-serious introduction post!

So, spread the word peeps, as OGD is now in business!
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