Thursday, February 26, 2009

5x07 "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" Review

"The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham" was another fantastic episode of LOST's fifth season. John Locke has had one of the most interesting and important story arcs of the entire show.

The episode begins inside a presumed DHARMA station, with Caesar, who is searching through various DHARMA maps and supplies. Ilana tells Caesar that they found a man on the beach, who nobody remembers from the plane.

That man is none other than John Locke - who we last saw dead in a coffin. Locke tells Ilana that he remembers dying. We flashback to the end of "This Place Is Death", when Locke turns the frozen wheel to move the Island. Locke ends up in the middle of the Tunisia desert, just like Ben from "The Shape of Things To Come". He is severely wounded from injuring his leg back at the Orchid. There is a camera watching Locke, and at night, a car arrives, and takes Locke to a hospital. While the doctors are mending Locke's leg, we get a glimpse of Matthew Abaddon. Abaddon was the mysterious man who appeared as an orderly after Locke was in a wheelchair, and told him to go on the walkabout, which eventually led him to the Island. Abaddon also was in charge of the freighter's science team, and he appointed Naomi Dorrit to look after the group of four (Daniel Faraday the physicist, Charlotte Lewis the antropologist, Miles Straume the spiritualist, and Frank Lapidus the pilot). In "The Beginning of the End", we also saw Abaddon visit Hurley at Santa Rosa, asking him the all-important question: "Are they still alive?"
When Locke wakes up, Widmore talks to him, explaining that he was once the leader of the Others, but was exiles because of Ben. Locke explains that he left the Island willingly, and Widmore knows it's so that he can bring them back.

Widmore provides Locke with all the information on the Oceanic Six, and leaves Locke with Matthew Abaddon. They first travel to Santo Domingo, where Sayid is building a house. Sayid is adament about staying off-Island. Locke then goes to see Walt, who says that he's been having dreams about him. Locke doesn't ask Walt to come back, because "he's been through enough". Kate is also adament about staying, and says that the only reason Locke wants to stay is because he's never been in love.

Locke goes to visit Helen Norwood, who died of a brain disease. After this, Abaddon is shot dead by Ben, and Locke gets in a car accident. He is taken to a hospital, and sees Jack. Locke says it's fate that they go back, but Jack says he's a lonely old man who survived a plane crash.

Locke attempts to hang himself, but is stopped by Ben, who says Locke still has work to do. Shortly after Locke mentions that Jin is still alive, Ben strangles him to death.

This is one of the best episodes of the entire series in my opinion. Locke has such an intriguing story arc, and is definitely important to the overall story. This episode raises many questions: What war is Widmore referring to? Why did Ben kill Locke? Who is good, Widmore (the man who sent a team to torch the Island) or Ben (the man who attempted to kill Locke because he could see Jacob)? I think that Ben has his own agenda; to be the leader of the Others, and Jacob.

I think that the 'war' will eventually be between Widmore and Ben, since they both seem to want to be in control of the Island. I thought this was a fantastic episode. Locke has been vigorously trying to convince them to come back, but he was met with bitter resistance from Sayid, Kate, and Jack. After his death though, we all know that they change their minds.

This episode was a fantastic way to show Locke's mission off the Island, and also included one of the most shocking moments of the series (Ben killed Locke!). The acting was also incredible in this episode, with a great performance from Terry O'Quinn (John Locke). I was surprised to see Abaddon die so soon - he seemed to be the bearer of great mystery to me. Overall, this was a fantastic episode.
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