Sunday, March 02, 2008

Name that Car: Lost Edition

Here's a fun game for you while we wait for 4x06 next week. I was editing our Wiki list article on cars, and thought that the image thumbnails could be a trivia test for Losties.

This is how it works. In the following images from Lost, name the main character driving or riding in the car. If you know that, you should know the episode.

The list will be a mix of difficulty: 4 each in categories or Easy, Medium and Hard.

To play, don't click on the images (the URL filenames sometimes give away the answer), and see if you can do it just from the 400 pixel thumbnails.

For every correct answer in Easy, score 1 point.
For every correct answer in Medium, score 2 points.
For every correct answer in Hard, score 3 points.

Post your score in comments and see how you do against other Lost fans.

For more than you want to know about cars in Lost, see our article: Automobiles

EASY (1 pt.)




MEDIUM (2 pts.)





HARD (3 pts.)




Scroll down for answers

Highlight between the lines to reveal inviso-text answers

1. Hurley (or Johnny) - from "Everybody Hates Hugo"
2. Charles Widmore - from "Live Together, Die Alone"
3. Locke - from "Deus Ex Machina"
4. Mr Eko - from "The 23rd Psalm"

5. Sawyer - from "The Long Con"
6. Kate (or Tom Brennan) - from "Born to Run"
7. Sawyer - from "Confidence Man"
8. Helen - from "Orientation"

9. Jin - from "... In Translation"
10. Kate - from "Through the Looking Glass"
11. Christian Shephard (or Ana-Lucia) - from "Two for the Road"
12. Kate - from "Left Behind"

Good Job! Next time we'll test you on license plates! Just kidding I think.
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