Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Variety Hot Topic: WGA Strike

Just a quick note on this day before the WGA contract expires.

Variety.com, which I recently suggested as a good source of current news on the WGA situation, has created a convenient "Hot Topic" page to track all news about the possible strike.

So see Variety's WGA Strike Hot Topic page for quick updates in the coming days.

THURSDAY NOV 1 UPDATE: Strike starting next Monday possible (Variety) In short, Carlton Cuse and the rest of the union's negotiating committee recommended a strike to the leadership of the union. Most guesses are that it will start Monday. The general membership of the WGA has been advised by the WGA strike captains to take any of their personal belongings home from the workplace.

FRIDAY NOV 2 UPDATE1: The WGA leadership has scheduled an announcement regarding a possible strike today at 1:30pm at WGA West headquarters in Los Angeles. Click the Variety Hot Topic link above for updates as they come.

FRIDAY NOV 2 UPDATE 2: The WGA leadership has confirmed that it is calling for a strike beginning Monday November 5, as expected. Further negotiations are not scheduled this weekend prior to the commencement of the strike.
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