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Hey all, this week new SysOp Marik7772003 is taking on the blog role, reviewing a real jewel of an episode! I have to relay one gripe though I keep seeing on Lostpedia - just because Karl doesn't know who the Brady Bunch are.... so what? I didn't know who they were either, and they were like in the 70s. Karl's a kid lol! Rant over now. So anyway, in real cliche fashion, over to you, Marik...

By marik7772003

Before watching the episode and browsing through the Lostpedia, the first time I saw that it was confirmed as being a Jack flashback, my hopes truly dropped for one amazing episode. But after watching the episode, I have but one thing to say about it: Holla! First off, we finally found out the twisted meaning behind Jack's crazy tattoo. Now, the producers initially said that they would just cover it up with makeup. But how can they cover it up when it has such a rich backstory? The amazing Achara, (played by the beautiful Bai Ling, looking hot!) put Jack's tat on him. But then I laughed as I heard Isabel read the Chinese with such a poor accent. Great job Diana Scarwid! Getting back to the flashback: Just what is Achara's gift? (I thought they did a very good job doing the Wai greeting, and having so many of us Lostpedians saying "Oh my god! She did namaste!DHARMA connection!") But then she sneaks in to Jack's room, and Jack finally got something. That's my boy! But then he has to muss up the entire relationship. (Again. Sarah? Deja vu?) He then forces Achara to tattoo him. She initially refuses, saying that there will be "consequences". Aren't there always? Chet and his homies laid the smackdown on Jack! I initially thought that Jack would win, but he was quickly overpowered, leaving Achara in tears. Now, on the Main island: Kate, Sawyer, and Karl continue onward. Sawyer is singing the same song as the crew on "Jaws". (Dum dum, dum dum, dum dum dumdum dum!) I was waiting for the DHARMA shark to leap out of the water. Karl repeated that one phrase from Room 23: "God loves you as he loved Jacob". I need to know what that means! But they finally get to the main island. Its "the start of the lovers" quarrel. But then Karl runs away. He is crying.Aww, poor baby. Sawyer seems sensitive! "Boys only" he says. And then goes and punches Karl in the arm. Hilarious. And then Karl's like "What thehell is the Brady Bunch?" From Wikipedia:

The Brady Bunch is an American television situation comedy, based around a large blended family. The show originally aired from 1969 to 1974 on the ABC network, and was subsequently syndicated across the world.

There ya go, Karl. Now you know what the Brady Bunch is. And later, Sawyer accuses Kate of being guilty because she had sex with him. Boo frickin' hoo. Get over it. Back on the Hydra island, Jack thought that he was going to be killed. (I think that it was a subtle jab at all the speculation that Jack was to be killed off) But he didn't. As he left, Juliet was put in the aquarium. What is going to happen? No, Juliet! Jack then got put in to the cages. He pressed the "Warning" button twice, but he didn't press it again! Gah! Producers, Jack never gets hurt! (save for the smackdown) It would have been hilarious to see Jack fly back and soil himself, as Pickett did! Come on! Then Jack got in the interrogation room, where he's questioned. He lies for Juliet. Aww, how sweet. But Isabel sees through his lies! Back to the cages for Jack! As he wakes, some group of Others are watching him. One is Cindy! (Not too big asurprise, thanks to the Lost Moments) What are they doing here? What are they doing??? They are here to watch. Great answer, Cindy. But wait, double take! That's Emma! A Tailie! OMGZ! She has Cindy ask how Ana's doing. You can see Jack's reaction. Get really angry, making classic Jackfaces in the process!! And he delivered on the Jackface! And Zack is there also. Woo. And then Alex comes. Jack pulls a "take me to your leader," and then came the line we all knew was imminent: "Ben, your father, is he still incharge?" We all knew it. From NIP on. She wants Jack's help for Juliet.Let's do it! (Go go Power Rangers!) Ben's still lying on his side in the operating room. Ben accidentally lets it slip that Ethan was a surgeon. And he was worthy. (Oooh, Jack got burned. But it also raises the question. Why would they send a surgeon on a reconnaissance mission?) Jack begs for Juliet. Please, Ben! Pleeease! Ben writes down his orders. They get to the deliberation room, and Juliet is to be executed. But Ben's note saves her. Hooray! But she is to be "marked". Oh, crap. Juliet comes up to Jack and thanks him. (Gracias, gracias). He tells Juliet to show him her mark. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. With the little calluses, bleh. Sick. And they're going back, presumably to Otherville. On a yacht! Afriggin' yacht! Where do they get a yacht from? But then, at the end of the episode, the best lines occur, about Jack's tattoo. "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." That's an amazing thing right there. It also applies to Juliet. Just ruddy brilliant.

Summary: Juliet is about to be executed, but instead gets marked, thanks to the help of Jack, and we finally find out the meaning behind Jack's tattoos. The promos promised us three big mysteries answered, but the producers said that the only mystery answered was Jack's tattoo. Until next week, holla!
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