Sunday, February 04, 2007

Doesn't time fly when there's no Lost? No I hear you cry!

Hey to everyone, hope you all had a fantastic time over the festive season! Yeah, now that we're in February, you can't really say that now. Apologies from all SysOps for being as radio silent as Flight 815 (oohh what a geeky pun), but I'm sure all the editors have been speaking on the wiki and forums. Speaking of forums, hope all the wiki users have found time to step on over and check the boards out, they're full of very cool yet freakishly knowledgeable Lost fans, and the whole thing is growing everyday. I expect when LOST RETURNS NEXT WEEK (ahem, just had to put that in caps), the forum and indeed the wiki will be inundated with newbies - isn't it great when Recent Changes is buzzing?

There's gonna be a few new moderators on the forum as well, so keep an eye out for an announcment in the coming days.

There's still lots of plans to have Lostpedia take over the world, though I'll grant we've been letting current projects fester for a while before considering new stuff. Chat is still one place though where we haven't seen all the regulars yet - get on over and enjoy instant messaging! As Santa says, try and stick around if no-one replies to your "heys", they're all just lurking behind the curtain.

All that remains for me to say is bring on Not in Portland. I personally am damn excited - not least by the fact I know whose flashback it is - and how awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!! And the Lost Moments - with a certain stewardess?!!?!? Who is now evil?!??!?! And a key in the dog's mouth??!!?! And Claire in the water!!!!? OK I'll stop now and just wait for the actual episode :-)

Gonna be a fun 6 months!
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