Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Find 815 - Chapter 1

The new Lost alternate reality game has kicked off without warning, but Lostpedia is ready for it. It would appear that the new Lost Experience as it were is working in chapters for the next few weeks until the beginning of Lost Season 4. Exciting stuff, and an excellent surprise to us all.

So what's been happening so far? Well we've managed to summarize Chapter 1 as best we can here:

Chapter 1

Essentially, the new Oceanic website appeared with a message from Sam Thomas hacked into the video. He directs us to Find 815 (presumably the title of this little mystery show). Here we begin with the story.

It seems Sam is disgruntled by Oceanic Airlines, who intend to announce soon that all the 815 passengers are deceased, despite still having not found the plane wreckage to prove it. Sam holds firm that no search should be cancelled when they've made no results, but Oceanic seem determined to get back to the skies (remember they supposedly suspended all flights until the investigation was finished - and as they're having no luck, they wanna stop the investigation so they can make money again). Sam's vested interest is his girlfriend Sonya, who was a flight attendant on the doomed plane. It seems like he had intended to propose to her, as he's holding an engagement ring in a vid.

Sam's been contacted by someone connected to the Maxwell Group (looks like we've got ourselves a new evil corporation to deal with guys and gals who loved Hanso). Sam has clues - black rock, sundah trench, Christiane I, and the promise of grave consequences if he talks. But what does it all mean? All we know now is that Sam's figured out that there's a Sunda in the Pacific Ocean, east of Christmas Island. Looks like he might be heading there.

Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled guys - this game has well and truly started!
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