Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Site Shutdown

Apologies that this wasn't posted sooner (been having technical difficulties), but we're doing it again:

Lostpedia will be protected from 24th-26th of December inclusive, and 31st-1st of December/January inclusive.

Yep, its that time of year where we all pull our faces away from the computer screens for a few days and cherish being amongst family and friends. The logic behind closing the site for this time is simple. It is highly unlikely that SysOps will be on during this time (not to mention many users), so we feel its best to put the shutter down rather than leave it up for vandals with nothing better to do at this time of year. The site will still be viewable, but editing will be completely restricted.

We appreciate that we have a number of users who do not celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. However, no-one has yet given serious complaint about the proposal when asked, and I'm sure none of our editors will argue with this precaution. If anyone does take issue with this idea though, please feel free to contact a SysOp about it.

We wish you all a great time over the holiday period!
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