Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lost Rewatch

"We're going to need to watch that again."

John Locke certainly had a way of speaking for the Lost fans. The line above is from "Orientation," which he said after watching the Swan orientation video. "You might catch something you missed the second time around," is another line from him in "Eggtown."

Now, hopefully, you've seen some episodes of Lost more than two times, but the same principle that Locke spoke of remains: Repetition means comprehension.

Which is why, on June 1, DocArzt & Friends and Lostpedia are sponsoring a web-wide rewatch, titled, appropriately, The Lost Rewatch. Several other Lost websites have agreed to contribute and participate regularly in the rewatch. These include:
The rewatch will span from June 1 to January 3, and during this time we will watch all 103 hours of Lost. What do you, the readers, have to do to participate in this rewatch? Not much, as AstroJones says in this DocArzt article regarding the Rewatch.

The Rewatch will be web-wide, and can be followed in a variety of places. The Lost Rewatch Hub can be found on Lostpedia, along with a complete schedule of the rewatch. The hub will have RSS feeds from all participating websites, so that you'll be able to follow the most recent rewatch activity with a click of your mouse.

Lostpedia forums will be hosting the discussion of the rewatched episodes, in this subforum.

The Rewatch can also be followed on Twitter (the account @lostrewatch). A Facebook group has also been created for Facebook users looking to follow the rewatch. I'm a member of the group, as are several of the other participants. It is administrated by DocArzt and JOpinionated, so it should be very up to date.

Also, AstroJones reminds us that "In addition, Docarzt.com has a special RSS feed to allow you to follow all of the Lost Rewatch related posts. We’ve included an email link where you can sign up with your email address, and be sent email alerts anytime Docarzt.com publishes new Lost Rewatch content. As a note, anyone who sent me an email requesting updates on the Rewatch, please use the email link above to sign up for automatic emails about new posts."

The rewatch will begin next Monday when we begin rewatching the first four episodes of the show. Be expecting a blog about "Pilot, Part 1" soon after the rewatch starts. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below, or email me. Let us know what you think about the rewatch!
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